Monday, November 9, 2015

Global Village

It was quiet around the house Sunday night so Melony took me to Global Village...what a fun place.  We got in free as Senior citizens over 60!  Bonus!  She said they have done wonders with it since last year - we decided they are going all out developing it for the influx of people for Expo 2020 coming up in about four years.

People from all over the world come and set up mini stores and displays in huge pavilions dedicated to various countries...from China and India, all over Europe and Africa, and every country in the Middle East.  The outside of the buildings are fantastic and even more beautiful with the lighting after dark.  We got there soon after it opened at 4:00.
There is a children's amusement park, a boat ride on the man made creek, and restaurants galore.  Different theaters and stages had programs, music and dancing going on.  The place was really hopping by the time we left at 7:30.

I'm sure we missed even more things happening but we walked around quite a bit of it.  Really worth the effort!  Here is just a sample...

The main Entrance by day...


Saudi Arabia 


France and Germany

The avenue for Europe with the amusement park at the end...

One of the show venues...



Up and down the creek



Back to the entrance with a whole new look at night!

Maybe I am just easily impressed, but it is quite a sight...only open September to April!

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