Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday, Monday

A busy day today with a trip to the local grocery store in the mall.  I didn't  have a huge long list but as most grocery stores in the States, they change the location of foods in the store about once a year.  So, things I wanted weren't where they were last year or the year before.  Keep in mind this is a store bigger than most Super Walmart stores.  I got in a few thousand steps today!

Then I discovered I had not gotten the house debit card from Andy.  Good thing I had enough dirham!  By gum, I have the debit card now - secure in my purse along with the Carrefour points card. 

My new friend Thelma spent all day baking cookies for me to have on hand.  What a gem!  She and Patrick leave on Wednesday for home.  I will miss her...she and I work and think alike.  It's been fun getting to know her!

Tonight I served apricot salsa chicken and rice with pepper corn, fresh rolls topped off with spice cake and ice cream.   

Did I tell you that on Thanksgiving we saw Chris and Laura a neat young couple we met last year.  Each of them told me that they think of us every week or two when they make my apricot salsa chicken!  I'm now internationally for one of my recipes.  What a hoot!

Andy has been working on projects around the house and answering emails.  Today one of the 3 modems in the house died so it had to be replaced...

We are getting to know a young couple who is in town for doctor appointments...she is pregnant with their 1st child and they found out about 8 days ago he had cancer.  He has already had surgery and will have chemo.  They are in town to find a doctor for her and the best place for chemo for him.  Very challenging but they are in good spirits and trusting God.

It's so nice to spend time outside.  We love eating the evening meal by candlelight out in the courtyard.  I will try to remember to take a picture tomorrow night.
I haven't taken many pictures as I have taken so many in the last couple of years...

Hope all is well in your corner of the world!

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Carolyn said...

I just looked through your blog, fun to see the pictures and your descriptions. What a special once in a lifetime visit with Aimee and her family. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your time together.