Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What day is it?

I could not tell you what day of the week it is...the past few days have been a blur.  Andy has been up super early the past two days taking friends to the airport.  He was ready for bed by 9 tonight.  Me, I needed a few minutes on Facebook to see what you all are doing.  There sure are a lot of birthdays in the last week of November.

I served a Midwest staple tonight...meatloaf, green beans witha new twist...smash potatoes.  Nine of us really enjoyed it!  I am still amazed at the nice weather and how much we enjoy eating outside.

Talked quite a while with a woman who has been in Pakistan and Afghanistan the past 25 years!  What stories of faith, heartache, intrigue, and danger she had to tell.  She's on her way to Greece to offer humanitarian help to refugees for a few weeks.  Very interesting and enlightening.  

I needed to go to the mall this afternoon to get some additional Tupperware type boxes for baked goods.  I discovered some goodies in the freezer that were getting frost bite because they were in plastic bags with zipper closures that had split open.  Not good!  Got the freezer repacted and organized.

While at Carrefour they had a little ceremony honoring soldiers who had died in war.  We call them heroes - they call them martyrs.  All the employees lined up along two of the main aisles.  It was quiet for a minute.  Newspaper photographers were there taking pictures of some of the dignitaries who attended..  I'm thinking it was connected to National Day being celebrated this week.


The main aisle with all the high end stores was all decked out...eagle and all.




Many of the stores were getting in on the celebration, too.


Some of you may remember my story about not being able to find my car in this malls parking lot last year...I now take a pic of the nearest sign by my car...not going to let that happen again!

Better get to bed...we have some errands to run at ACE Hardware and IKEA tomorrow.  Then we are going to explore a new walkway along a new canal in town.  Tune in tomorrow night for more...

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