Sunday, December 25, 2016

Bonfire in the Desert

Had a new experience tonight...a Christmas gathering in the desert at dusk around a bonfire with 75-80 people...eating, singing, sharing the Christmas story.  So glad we could go with 15-20 friends.  Andy and I need to get to bed but wanted to share a few pictures!


Getting the fire going around 6:30...everyone was asked to bring any scrap wood they could share.


Andy enjoying the view.


First time a little heat felt good in Dubai...


I had a hard time walking up and over the sand dune to get to the bonfire.  You can see in this picture how uneven the sand was.  With my dizziness, I had to ask a friend to hold me steady.  Andy was carrying mats and chairs so he couldn't help me.


These guys were cooking kabobs over the coals.  Others brought potatoes, corn, and sweet potatoes wrapped in foil to cook and eat.



We gang several Christmas carols and Doug read the Story of Jesus' birth.  Really cool!  Wish I knew how to insert a video!


Wonderful way to end a great Christmas weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! How cool to be at a bonfire! So sorry you aren't feeling well, hugs! ~Chris