Monday, January 2, 2017

On our way...

It's 11:00 pm local time.  We are at DBX on the first leg of our trip home.  I feel like a zombee and we are just getting started.

Our last day...we served breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen this morning.  I had four errands I needed to run after that.  Got them done and made it to my appointment at Mary's Foot Spa Mirdif to get a manicure, pedicure and foot massage at 1:00.  A dear friend here gave me a gift certificate for my birthday.  On Mondays every service is half price for seniors!  Bonus!


Two young girls from the did the massage and the other did the pedicure and manicure.  They are cousins...and loved having their picture taken.



I think it was the longest time frame I just sat and did nothing in the whole 7 weeks we have been here!  Was kinda  nice -- though work needed to be done back at the our room, finish packing, prep and serve supper.  But we got it all done, had a debriefing, and said our goodbyes.  Rommel took us to the airport.

We are in the brand new D concourse.  Think I'll go wander around...

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