Sunday, January 1, 2017


Only one more day in Dubai!  I know it's time to go home...I'm exhausted, tired of my limited wardrobe, have no more room on my phone for pictures, I miss my kids and grandkids...  It's time!

So the day started with breakfast for 30 and cleanup...sound familiar?  You can skip this's okay.  Really!  Cheesy Potatoes, leftover egg casserole, Danish coffee cake, cut fruit...  The potatoes were a hit.  One friend said she remembers them from last year and just loved them!

Did clean up and started laundry for 5 then it was lunch time.  In the afternoon we took down the Christmas tree and packed away all the decorations.  A good job done before we leave.  

None of our supporting friends were available for a farewell dinner, so we went by ourselves to our favorite local Lebanese restaurant.  The food was good - the service not so much.  We did sit outside and it was very nice.

Maybe you noticed on pictures last night I had my jacket on.  Andy was chilly all evening as he forgot to bring his...  Tonight we weren't out as late and we weren't by the we were comfy sitting outside.

Andy ordered this lime was very limey!

We love the bread!  I rarely eat bread at home but cannot resist this...with hummus!



Love their Shawarma!  Add a few fries in a cone and I'm good to go!

My hair was cut pretty short when we arrived November 16th.  Now I need a haircut pretty badly!  Looking a bit shaggy.

Fun conversations around the house with several families.  Since this is our third extended visit, we know quite a few people now!

Must admit I've been a bit tired today.  Not because I've worked so hard or so long.  More because it's been a long tine since I was out on a date until 1:15 am!

So ends another day...better get to bed. Breakfast at 9:00, clean up, packing, get the idea!

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