Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Trip to the Creek

This morning after breakfast we ventured out with some new friends...they had not been to The Creek, so we took the metro down to the Al Ghubaiba Station on the green line.  You are on your own to figure out how to pronounce that word!  Since it is a national holiday today, the place was bustling...not so many vacationers as workers on a day off.

Water taxi dirham (about 27 cents) for a ride across the creek to get to the spice and gold souqs...

Scenes along the creek...

We spent about half an hour in this spice souq getting some fun things to take home with us...

The young man who was so helpful...they all say, "Don't worry...we give you a good price."
That's saffron he is holding.  It's one of the more expensive spices.

Our new friends from South Africa.  Their daughter found her favorite treat and just had to have some.

On the water taxi waiting to return to the other side of the creek to find some lunch!

The river was full of real water safety rules seem to come into play...

As you walk down the street past the little shops, the store owners are hawking their wares.  They just start putting a head dress or a scarf on you to show you how good it looks on you.  Pretty aggressive at times.


We ate at this restaurant right on the water.  Enjoyed watching the water traffic passing by.  Very pleasant atmosphere and great food.

No real rules of the road were apparent!  Very entertaining!

After lunch Andy and our friends left for home while I stayed to shop a bit more and enjoy the day,

On another note...take a look and see how CLEAN the metro trains and the stations are.  This is the end of the line at 5:00 pm - in the middle of a busy day!  Note that I waited a minute until the crowds had left.  It's like this every day!

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