Saturday, September 26, 2015

It's the weekend

TWorship at Redeemer Church of Dubai on Friday was wonderful once again!  Dave did a masterful job in unpacking Genesis 39 and making it relevant for me today.

How do we trust God when our circumstances don't make any sense?

Joseph is a slave.  He's good at his job.  He works hard.  God is with Joseph.  Joseph stands out.
He is trusted.  He is put in charge.  The Lord is with the light and in the dark.

God was with him...he was not alone.  In despair, in allure, in deception, in anxiety.  God is with me, too.

Look to Him.  He is more wonderful than anything this world offers.  Look outside yourself.  Look to Him.  You, like Joseph, may loose it all. itself...
But HE will be enough for you.  HE is your only hope.  HE is more precious than anything.

We sang some of my favorite hymns - old and new.
     Holy Holy Holy
          And Can It Be
               O Great God
                     The Power of the Cross

A great morning indeed!

Later in the afternoon Andy and I walked 4 miles at the mall and then enjoyed great take out at the house with friends...a Friday night tradition...roasted chicken, green salad, Arabic rice, flatbread and hummus.  I made a bundt cake for dessert.  Very tasty meal...

Walked the mall again today...5 miles.  I'm getting to know all the stores in order.  But, I have more energy and enjoy the exercise. 

Today I also spent considerable time at the computer looking for flights to Bahrain....about an hour flight northwest of Dubai.  We are going next Week on a visa run.  We must leave the country and then re-enter to get a new tourist visa for 30 more days. We will be there Sunday-Tuesday enjoying time with friends.  

It was interesting visiting sites I've never seen,,
They look and feel a bit different but I found a good deal and got the tickets.  Just need to double check with the consulate and make sure we can get visas when we arrive in Bahrain...we understand the rules change quite often in this part of the world.

A local grocery store with a mosque right next stop does it all!  I actually quite impressed with all the products thay have in this little store...fresh fruits, veggies, and bread to shirts, socks, and kids toys...with all kinds of food stuffs, cleaning products and cosmetics!  Everything you might need - open 24 hours a day.  And oh yes, there is a pharmacy attached with a bus stop out front. 

Okay, time for bed.  Andy is already purring softly in the background.

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